Wicked Foods FAQ


How can I find out where to buy my favorite Wicked Food Company® brand pizzas?

  • You can find our frozen pizzas at most Cub, Coborn’s, and Cash Wise grocery stores. Be on the lookout for our sweet store locator – coming soon!

What are the newest Wicked Food Company® brand pizzas?

  • Right now we sell four different types of pizzas. We’ve got Devil’s Delight, which is our spicy 3-meat option. Meatzilla has five kinds of meats – not your ordinary meaty pizza! We’ve got Wicked Porkers with three types of sausage. And you can’t forget out Italian-style Mighty Mario pizza!

How many grams of fat are in a Wicked Pizza Company® brand pizzas?

  • The Mighty Mario pizza comes out to 14 grams. Our other options range from 18-21 grams per serving.

What is the ratio of ingredients to protein?

  • Check out our current pizza lineup for all the nutritional info you need – calories for frozen pizzas, grams of protein, ingredients; you name it.

There’s something wrong with my package, what do I do?

  • Oh no! If something comes up, we encourage you to fill out our contact form online, and one of your friends at Wicked will be sure to get in touch with you. We want our pizzas to be the best of the best for all our customers!

What types of Wicked Food Company® brand pizzas are there?

  • All of our pizzas are topped with the wickedest-best ingredients out there. Our Wicked Porkers and Mighty Mario pizzas are covered in flavorful sausage. And you’ll find 3-5 different kinds of meat on our Meatzilla and Devil’s Delight pizzas! Click here to check out our signature pizzas and find your perfect pie.


Can I prepare a Wicked Food Company® brand pizzas in the microwave?

  • Our frozen pizzas taste the most delish when baked in an oven. Plus, the middle of your pizza should be at least 165 degrees once it’s cooked to be sure you’re getting the most mouth-watering pizza experience. Make sure you take the time to cook them in your oven!

How do you cook a Wicked Food Company® brand frozen pizza?

  • Most of our ‘zas are cooked at 450 degrees for 8-12 minutes – or until our classic crust is a nice golden brown. This varies from pizza to pizza, and oven to oven, though, so check out our current pizza lineup to find the instructions you need!

Is it safe to eat a Wicked Food Company® brand pizza once it is thawed?

  • No way, José! Make sure your pizza is fully baked before you enjoy it!


Do you have Wicked Food Company® brand pizza coupons, or specials available?

  • Our biggest fans can join our email list and receive special offers and updates on all things Wicked! Click here to subscribe and join our fan club.

How can I unsubscribe from Wicked Food Company® brand pizza email communications?

  • Sometimes you just gotta part ways. We get it. Just hit that “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of your emails and you’ll be riding solo again in no time.

I want to suggest a product.

  • We love hearing awesome ideas from Wicked pizza fans! Think you’ve got a crazy-good idea for one of our frozen pizzas? Feel free to send us your thoughts via our contact form.


When were Wicked Food Company® brand pizzas launched into retail stores?

  • Our pizzas have been on store shelves since 2016 when our founders followed their dreams to create incredibly awesome and wickedly delicious pizzas for friends like you